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Targeted to the cruising sailor, our site is a voyage of discovery through the islands of the Caribbean, offering the reader an intimate perspective of the islands, people and the culture of the West Indies. Here you will find updates to our guides, anchorages, navigation, route planning advice, including GPS waypoints, planning tips and information. A section of the site has been dedicated to both yacht charter and island ecology, including diving and the national marine park system.

Cruising Guide to the Virgin Islands 2023 Edition
The Cruising Guide to the Virgin Islands 2023 edition
The 2023 Edition is in stock!
The 2023 Edition of The Cruising Guide to the Virgin Islands is now available to purchase!
Vaccinated can soon skip BVI Gateway
Vaccinated can soon skip BVI Gateway
Starting Oct. 1, fully vaccinated travellers entering the territory will no longer have to register online through the BVI Gateway portal.
New seaport reopening date in the BVI
New seaport reopening date in the BVI
The Road Town, BVI ferry terminal reopening date has been pushed from March 1st to mid-April.
BVI Update
BVI Approved Mooring Sites for Quarantining
The BVI Ministry of Health & Social Development has announced the long anticipated list of approved mooring sites for use while quarantining on a boat.
BVI Exclusion Zone
Boaters Advised Not To Sail In Exclusion Zone | Government of the Virgin Islands
Cruisers and charterers sailing within USVI waters should be aware of the changing rules and regulations for sailing in the Virgin Islands and throughout the Caribbean this winter as the various island territories endeavor to successfully manage tourists on land and sea during the current pandemic...
Updates and corrections
2020 Cruising Guide to the Virgin Islands updates
Please visit this page to see any updates or corrections to the new 2020 cruising guide.

Oceans & Islands

One of the many fascinations of exploring tropical waters is to appreciate the beauty and diversity of life on and around the coral reefs. Multicolored corals of great size and shape along with hundreds of species of fish, sponges, invertebrates and anemones act as a backdrop for divers and snorkelers who slip beneath the surface to explore the secrets of the deep. As sailors, we possess a heightened awareness of the aquatic environment and therefore we logically assume an ongoing moral obligation to help protect and restore the health of these fragile eco-systems for future generations.

JVD: The Pelagic Super Highway
JVD: The Pelagic Super Highway
By Captain Colin, JVD Scuba & Eco-Tours Twenty one years ago the BVI Government allowed me to be the first person to discover, explore and chart potential commercial dive sites in the North West British Virgins around Jost Van Dyke and surrounding islands.
How Whales Change Climate
How Whales Change Climate
Explore how whales change climate, engineer the ecosystem, create conditions that spawn plankton, and keep our oceans healthy in this beautiful story by George Monbiot.
Oceans and Islands
Underwater & Island Ecology
As sailors, we derive great pleasure from snorkeling and diving on the Caribbean coral reef system. In return, we assume…