Hurricane Irma Relief Efforts in the BVI

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After suffering a direct hit from the category 5 Hurricane Irma, the BVI is still in a state of emergency. Thousands lost their houses, their businesses, and some were hurt or killed. The relief effort is underway and here are some links to follow to see how you can help:

The Director of Tourism for the British Virgin Islands Sharon Flax-Brutus shared

BVI Relief Website:

BVI Irma Relief:

Salty Dawg Rally BVI Relief Fund:

Jost Van Dykes Preservation Society:

BVI Volunteers:

There is also a BVI safety check site that is specifically to help friends and family post the status of loved ones in the British Virgin Islands:

There is an organization called Sailors Helping: “Our goal is simple. Work with the resorts and marinas to understand the needs of their employees; source and deliver the materials needed to get them back on their feet; and provide opportunities to pick up a shovel, a hammer, or a trowel and help our friends that need it most build their homes back up one brick at a time. We’ll provide information on fuel, water, safety and provisioning supplies so cruisers can get there safely and on to their next location without worry. Think a massive flotilla meets habitat for humanity!”

Here is a good list of ways to help victims of Hurricane Irma in all the various islands that were hit:

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