How to help in the wake of Hurricane Dorian

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Exactly two years after Hurricane Irma slammed into the Leeward and Virgin Islands, Hurricane Dorian, the second most deadly Atlantic hurricane in recorded history wrought a path of devastation on the Abaco Islands of the Bahamas, before slowly moving across Grand Bahama on its way to the east coast of the USA. Reports indicate that at least 23 lives have been lost and that number will no doubt increase as communications are restored. Winds in excess of 165 mph with gusts of over 200 mph, torrential rain and flooding has destroyed much of the infrastructure and it is estimated that over 10,000 homes have been destroyed. It will take years for the islands to recover.

As with the Virgin Islands, immediate emergency needs will be required in advance of the task of rebuilding and recovery. There are numerous aid organizations that working in the area, The Red Cross has over 200 staff and volunteers on the ground. Shelter, water, food and medicines are the immediate concerns along with communications. We should all keep in mind that the recovery aid will be needed long after the pictures of devastation have faded from the front pages of the news media and we should also remember that our donations, volunteer actions and later tourist dollars will help support and rebuild the islands. Please consider a donation to one of the following charities:

  • The Bahamas Red Cross (
  • Salvation Army( Works closely with the Bahamian Government’s National Emergency Management Agency. 
  • Global Giving ( has established the Hurricane Dorian Relief Fund to provide emergency supplies and long-term assistance to help in rebuilding.
  • World Central Kitchen (, provides food to people after natural disasters. Mr. Andrés and a relief team have arrived in Nassau, the capital, and have begun to identify places where they can set up kitchens on the affected islands. 
  • Yacht Aid Global ( has set up “Operation Topaz” to bring emergency supplies like food, tarps, hygiene kits and medicine to Grand Bahama and the Abaco Islands. The organization works with yachts in the region to coordinate support. 
  • Team Rubicon (, an organization of military veterans that provides disaster relief, is in the Bahamas. 
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