Five Favorite Leeward Anchorages

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Little Bay, Anguilla

For those addicted to undeveloped natural beauty, Little Bay is outstanding, even by Caribbean standards. Along the shore, 70-foot cliffs rise from turquoise water. They are multicolored, in reds, pinks, greys and whites, textured by holes, caves and grottos, which are home to tropic birds, pelicans and kingfishers. You cannot anchor here, but you can pick up one of the moorings during the day. Ashore, there are two small but delightfully secluded beaches.

Anse de Colombier, St. Barths

This secluded bay lies at the bottom of a steep, craggy hill. The village of Colombier peeks down from way on top. The bay has a perfect beach, backed by a smattering of palms. There is no road access and the only way to get here is by boat, or a mile-long trek over the hills. Anse de Colombier is part of the St. Barths Marine Reserve, since the marine park took over and put down yacht moorings, the grass beds have returned attracting many feeding turtles.

Indian Creek, Antigua

When the English Harbour social scene gets so much that you cannot stand another happy hour, set sail for Indian Creek, which lies less than 2 miles to the east. This perfectly charming little hideaway winds back between cactus hills and is currently so deserted that you will see more goats and birds than people. Eric Clapton owns the house on Indian Creek Point. Indian Creek is so protected that you have the feeling of being completely landlocked. It feels cozy enough to ride out a storm.

Pain de Sucre, Iles des Saintes

The Saintes. This is an irresistible group of islands with idyllic Gallic charm. They are small, dry, and steep with mountains that climb over 1,000 feet and where white beaches abound. Pan de Sucre is a 200-foot mini-piton. It is joined to the island by a low strip of land with exquisite beaches on both sides. There is one house surrounded by palms, and a track leading up to the main road, those in good shape can hike up to Le Chameau, to the old lookout tower at the top. In the other direction, past Le Bois Joli, is a small, secluded beach that is often used for nude bathing.

Prince Rupert Bay, Dominica

If Christopher Columbus came back today, Dominica is the only island he would recognize. This is because Dominica is the region's most unspoiled country and its most exciting destination for spectacular natural beauty. This magnificent protected bay is over 2 miles long and a mile deep. Under normal conditions, you can anchor almost anywhere off the coast, from the Coconut Beach Hotel on the south shore right around to the Purple Turtle Restaurant on the north. The harbor is so good that Portsmouth was picked to be the island's capital; however this never came to be. Elizabeth Pampo Israel, the oldest person in the world, lived here until her death at the age of 128!