Successful Bareboat Chartering

Successful Bareboat Chartering


Bareboat chartering is fast becoming the preferred choice among experienced yachtsmen. With bareboat chartering you get all the thrills of blue water sailing without the anxieties and extra work of boat ownership. With bareboat chartering, you plan the trip and you sail the boat. Your chartering organization shoulders the details.

Yet even the most seasoned sailors will benefit from a reminder of best practices and expert tips on everything from grilling a steak off the stern to handling emergencies in foul weather. Successful Bareboat Chartering gives you all the information you need to know in a highly accessible way.

You will learn how to:

  • Contact a reputable bareboat charterer
  • Pack for your trip
  • Sail with children
  • Manage lines and sails as you slice through the waves

And, if you are preparing for your first bareboat charter, this book will be your constant companion, giving you confidence to lead and equipping you for many more memorable trips.

Dimensions: 7.1 in × 4.7 in × 0.5 in