Radar for Mariners

This complete, in-depth manual shows you how to:
Choose the best radar model for your sail- or powerboat
Install, adjust, and operate your system
Interpret the images on your radar screen
Pilot your boat and track the movements of vessels around you
Use radar to track and avoid squalls, to outmaneuver competitors in a yacht race, and for other specialized tasks
Interface your radar with a digital compass, GPS, or electronic chart
Radar for Mariners comes with a Radar Resources CD-ROM that includes a ìfield guideî to screen and target images, plotting sheets for printing, an e-book copy of the complete Navigation Rules, sample radar manuals, and more. It also includes a free trial version (30-day period) of the Starpath Radar Trainer simulator, plus an encrypted copy of the Full Radar Trainer you can purchase at a discount nearly equal to the price of this book! (See the enclosed CD-ROM for details.)

Dimensions: 9 in × 7 in × 0.6 in