PowerCap Pilot Series 5 LED Night Vision Cap

The Pilot Series Night Vision Caps have (2) red LEDs and (3) white LEDs on separate circuits. The buttons are labeled under the cap brim (R=red and W=white). The (2) red LEDs have an on/off button. When you are navigating in the dark on the water, it is critical to maintain your night vision. The red LEDs provide task lighting while maintaining night vision. The white lights under the cap brim are useful for task lighting below deck. The powerful LED light on the cap brim can project over 60 ft. It's very useful for sail trim checks, deck clearing, or spotting buoys. The cap is black, 100% 16 x12 Cotton twill, washed & brushed with a 2-piece Velcro closure and is powered by 4, lithium CR-2032 coin cell batteries that provide 75 hours of intermittent battery life. All these lighting needs are provided with a button in the cap brim. Best of all, the lighting is hands free.

Dimensions: 8 in × 8 in × 0.5 in