NV. Pilot 6, US East Coast, Maine to Caribbean • Bermuda

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NV Pilot 6

2018 Edition

NV. Pilot 6, US East Coast

Frontside with US East Coast from Nova Scotia to Miami including Bermuda Islands. Scale 1:3,0 mio. Backside Caribbean Sea with Bahamas, Antilles, north coast South America, Panama, East Coast of Central America up to Cancun an southern part of Florida including Fort Myers.

Scale 1:3,0 mio. Both charts contain all necessary information for safe passge planning including lights and major destination ports. North Atlantic Current data is shown with direction and speed. The usual routes including distances are noted as course lines.

English language, charts in A1 format, folded to abt. 15 x 30 cm.

Scales 1:3,5 Mio. and 1:3,5 Mio.

Dimensions: 30 cm × 15 cm × 0.2 cm