NV. Pilot 4,Mediterranean West, Gibraltar to Sicily • Adriatic Sea

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NV Pilot 4 Cover

NV. Pilot 4, Mediterranean West

Front page Tyrenian Sea, Adria, Ionian Sea and waters south of Sicily up to the coast of Tunesia scale 1: 1,75 Mio. Backside Western Mediterranean from Gibraltar to Palermo (Sicily) scale 1: 1,75 Mio. Both charts contain the relevant lights and route including distances to enable proper passage planning.

English language, charts in A1 format, folded to abt. 15 x 30 cm.

Scales 1:1,75 Mio. and 1:1,75 Mio.

Edition 2018

Dimensions: 30 in × 15 in × 0.2 in