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Cruising Guide Publications is now offering our best-selling guides in an app for tablets. This simple app allows you to view a 10-page sample of our guides and then purchase the full guides you desire. Each guide will be kept in the “Library” portion of the app for access at any time. New guides will be added to the app for purchase when they become available. Other features include the ability to navigate by thumbnails, being able to search for a word or term within the guides, print function, and share.

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How do I read my guide offline?

After you purchase your guide or guides, go to the homepage of the app by clicking the home button  and click the orange "Library" button on the upper left corner. This button will take you to a page that will show you all your purchases. Under each title is the option to "read online" and the option to "download". If you anticipate needing to view the book offline, ie, if you are going to be under sail without internet access, download the book now, afterwhich the options will change to "read online" and "read offline". 

What do I do if I get a new tablet or iPad?

If you have purchased a new tablet or iPad, simply redownload our free app using the links above. In the app, navigate to the guide you purchased and select the orange button "restore" on the top right of the page. Your purchase is tied to your account (either Google Play or Apple iTunes) and will restore the purchase to your device. Don't forget to navigate to the library after restoring the download to read offline later if necessary. 

What if my app has crashed or is not working?

We are constantly reviewing and making updates and changes to our app. However, if you should experience a crash of some kind, please delete the app and redownload. If you have already purchased one or more of our guides, follow the directions under  "What do I do if I get a new tablet or iPad" to restore your purchases.

We greatly appreciate any feedback. Please contact us with feedback or questions and we will reply as soon as possible.